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Personal-branding-service for high-end sports products.  


#1 Results.

    Howell Product Development provides personal-service — by proven product developer, Rick Howell — to develop and brand high-end sports products.

    Does history repeat? 

    Starting way back in high school, Howell Product Development principal, Rick Howell, was part of a team that co-developed #1-selling Salomon ski bindings.

    Immediately after receiving an education in engineering management, Howell Product Development principal, Rick Howell, became the U.S. Product Manager for the U.S. distributor of Geze ski-binding company — when, at the time, Geze had a marginally-rated product and an unprofitable 2% U.S. brand share.  The Geze home office in Stüttgart, Germany had a vision to expand.  Over the next four years, Geze ski bindings became the #1-indpenedently-rated alpine ski-binding.  Rick Howell then became the Marketing Manager for the U.S. distributor.  Over the next four years Geze U.S. market share rose to a profitable 20% — which, at that time, was the largest + market share change in alpine ski bindings in the world.

    Howell Product Development principal, Rick Howell, founded CycleBinding — the world's 1st hands-off clipless bicycle pedal system.   CycleBinding created the 'clipless' category — winning scores of independent product reviews — including cover-stories in Bicycling, VeloNews and Outside magazines, featured on CBS News — being utilized by thousands of hard-core cyclists, including 25 contiguous victories in USTS triathlons and being utilized in setting still-standing bicycle world speed records by John Howard.  Since the introduction of CycleBinding, millions of clipless pedals are utilized, every day, world-wide.

    Howell Product Development principal, Rick Howell, as a 'turn-key consultant' developed, re-branded and market-launched the first successful high-tech snowshoes for Tubbs.  Sales exploded — expanding the total snowshoe market 50-times its size — while Tubbs captured an 85% market-share.   Over the past 20 years, Tubbs snowshoes have remained #1-selling, world-wide. 


Brand Development.

Howell Product Development provides personalized brand development:

*   Writes grants and business plans to source funding.

*   Conducts grass-roots market research to uncover latent subconscious demand.

*   Integrates funding, market-research, brand-strategy and engineering management to create hot-selling, large-margin, utility-patented, high-end sports products that are simple, durable, light, conforming to international standards, easy to manufacture in volume, with large margins — and with hot-buttons that are simple, focused, proprietary, and which offer direct-answers to latent subconscious consumer demand.  

*   Conducts the introductory market launch — based on unified market research.

*   Refines the marketing objectives, strategy, and tactics that send the brand into orbit.


Howell Product Development operates with a simple proprietary formula to develop brands that become large revenue producers.



    Winning brands developed by Howell Product Development generate decisive 'innovation premiums' that transform (sometimes exponentially) the gap between the enterprise's book-value and its trading-value — converting intangible assets to become the prime factor in the enterprise's exit valuation and exit multiple.


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